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Ultra-Limited Adidas Bugatti Crazyfast Boots Released – To Be Worn By Benzema & Leão

Ultra-Limited Adidas Bugatti Crazyfast Boots Released - To Be Worn By Benzema & Leão

A dazzling move Bugatti, the world-renowned car manufacturer, along with Adidas the sporting goods giant are releasing a limited edition football boot.

Adidas Crazyfast Bugatti Soccer Cleats – – Key Information

  • The main takeaway is that Bugatti as well as Adidas are launching an extremely limited football boot to include Benzema and Leao
  • Colorway: Black/Bugatti Blue
  • Technical: Same as standard colors – Adidas Speedframe soleplate technology, Aerocage’s innovative design, Aeropacity Speedskin that provides the speed, stability and stability
  • Prices and Availability: Only 99 pairs and can be bought through auctions through the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform

The X Crazyfast Bugatti Crazyfast boots are presented in an exclusive box with an exterior design that is inspired by the weaves of carbon fiber. They are scheduled to debut on the field for the first time exclusive to Rafael Leao and Karim Benzema during the month of November in 2023.


They are the Adidas Bugatti soccer boots known as “Adidas X Crazyfast” that are designed to give you the best performance and fashion. They feature an upper in black with “Bugatti Blue” designs and the ability to use.

The semi-transparent material in the mid-foot cage was modified from the initial design to include a distinctive sparkle of Bugatti Blue. The color was in homage to the colors of the early Bugatti Grand Prix automobiles. It also has a few words that define the principles of both firms, “Impossible is Nothing” to represent Adidas in their constant search for performance as well as “Create what’s Incomparable” to symbolize Bugatti’s dedication to producing high-performance cars that continually establish the standard.

Technically technologically, and technically speaking, Adidas Y Crazyfast Bugatti are identical to normal Adidas colors. The boots inspired by Bugatti come with Adidas’ Speedframe sole plate technology, Aerocage innovation, and Aeropacity Speedskin to provide agility, stability, and stability. The carbon fiber insert on the boot mimics the design of the Bugatti automobile.

The 99-piece Adidas Crazyfast Bugatti soccer cleats are currently available in the world. The cleats can be bought through an auction on the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform, which runs from November 8-11.

Are you a fan of do you like the Adidas Football x Bugatti Crayfast football boots? Please let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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