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Exclusive: Spain Euro 2024 Training Kits Leaked

Exclusive: Spain Euro 2024 Training Kits Leaked

Update The Update is here. latest leaks on the Spain 2024 national anthem jacket. The Footy Headlines are not the only ones to be leaked.

There’s been leaks concerning Spain’s 2024 training uniforms Two versions are expected to launch in May 2024. That’s just before Euro 2024 kicks off. The Footy Headlines will only leak.


The image shows the brand new Adidas Spain jacket, which will launch in 2024.

The Adidas Spain 2024 Anthem jacket is an dark blue primary colour and has three lighter blue shoulder stripes. The pocket cutout is red. The Adidas logo as well as the Spain Crest are vanilla.


It is likely it is certain that Adidas will adopt the same pattern as the national team’s kits in 2024 and is shown by the 2006-inspired side panels.

These Adidas Spain 2024 Training shirts feature 3 stripes which do not sit completely on the shoulders like the previous versions, and are now shortened so that they be placed at the center of shoulders (between the collar and the cuffs).

Spain 2024 Training Kit #1

The Spain 2024 training kit number 1 features a predominant red color with the sleeves being dark blue, a light blue collar, and three stripes across the shoulders. The Adidas logo as well as the Spain Crest are prominently displayed printed in yellow across the top of the shirt as well as a cutout on the left side has been done in dark the red.

The Spain 2024 training shirt #1 is a bright red identical to the Euro 2024 home kit.

Spain 2024 Training Kit #2

This Spain 2024 training kit 2 is a light blue color with red and darker blue accents.

The collar on the back and three stripes that run across the shoulders are in dark blue. The Adidas logo as well as the Spain Crest and a cut-out to the left on the front are the striking red.

Made by Adidas. Which do you think of Spain’s kit for training?

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