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Juventus 24-25 Third Kit Info Leaked – Trefoil Logo Comeback

Juventus 24-25 Third Kit Info Leaked - Trefoil Logo Comeback

The first details about the Juventus 24-25 third kit was leaked via The_AJC_. The design is sure to be fascinating design including Adidas bringing back the iconic Trefoil logo as well as the zebra Juventus crest.


The image shows the color of the brand new Adidas Juventus FC Third soccer shirt, which will be available in 2024-25.

The Adidas Juventus FC 24-25 third football shirt will predominantly be black and light charcoal with gold accents. The three stripes that are on the shoulders are lighter in charcoal and the logo and namesets on the trefoil are gold.

Officially, they officially are “Black/Gold”.

The Juve 24-25 third kit comes in colours that are similar to their 15-16 third kits.

The most fascinating aspect in this Juventus FC 24-25 shirt is the Trefoil logo, as well as the Juventus Zebra crest (possibly an alternative crest, however certainly not the current one). The combination of these two elements adds classiness and nostalgic into the Juventus 24-25 3rd kit.

Adidas Arsenal 2024-2025 Third Kit

This Arsenal x Trefoil 2024-25 third kit mockup helps to imagine what the Trefoil logo might look.

Find the entire collection of Juventus kits at the Football Kit Archive.

The Adidas Juju 2024-25 3rd shirt will launch during July/August 2024.

Are you a fan of the brand new Juve’s 24-26 third kit, featuring the Trefoil logo as well as the classic Zebra Juventus Crest?

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