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Adidas Teams Face Problems with 23-24 Kits

Adidas Teams Face Problems with 23-24 Kits

For the season 2023-2024, Adidas teams are experiencing a variety of tiny, but significant issues in their kit.

For Three Adidas squads, Footy Headlines can confirm that there are issues in the 23-24 kit that are being used by Arsenal, Manchester United, and Celtic. Problems are with the socks which are too snug in addition to the genuine version of Adidas 2023-2024’s goalkeeper kit.


Goalkeeper at Arsenal Aaron Ramsdale has switched to replica shorts as his disliked his fit in the authentic shorts. The goalkeeper wore authentic shorts during preseason, however he opted for an imitation for the beginning of the football season.

It is reported that the Arsenal socks are excessively tight. Kitmen have even been stretching the socks prior to each game, and The Footy Headlines were told.The main reason for the socks to be too snug is because the pattern that is incorporated into the socks restricts the stretching. Gabriel Jesus has resorted to cutting holes into the socks to lower the pressure on his calf.

Manchester United

Onana of Manchester United is not happy with his authentic shirt because it’s either too small (or too big in the event that he wears a size bigger). The socks worn by Manchester United are too tight and instead of stretching them out, Manchester United opted to wear normal Adidas socks with no graphic.


On the other hand, Celtic wear standard white socks since their customized socks are uncomfortable and are not used anymore. For the kit that is used for away the players often made holes in their socks.

Some teams could have slight issues too However, there’s not yet any confirmation. The breathing capacity of the Adidas 2023-2024 genuine kits isn’t as good also, however due to the cold winter temperatures, it should not be a problem over the months ahead.

Are you having similar issues in your Adidas kit? Tell us about it in the remarks below.

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