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Dybala Shows Off His Kit Collection

Dybala Shows Off His Kit Collection

It’s been interesting to see a small glimpse of Paulo’s shirt collection a number of times. Footy Headlines is today putting together images of Paulo Dybala’s shirt collection. It’s amazing.


Dybala Like many of the athletes, enjoys the pastime in collecting football kit. The majority of players take advantage of the final game to swap and purchase the players’ jerseys which result in massive collection of football kits.

In the words of to Dybala himself the collection of his shirts grew to 350 shirts by the year the year 2019. This means that Dybala might have a collection of more than 500 shirts to his name.

In addition to Dybala, there are other players like Messi, Zanetti and Spalletti each have their own kits collections.

Are you impressed by Dybala’s collection of football kits? Do you own a soccer kit? Leave a comment below.

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