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Juventus 24-25 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked

Juventus 24-25 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked

We get an exclusive look at the brand new Juventus 24-26 home, away and third kits due to Juventus kit designers La Maglia Bianconera ( @La_Bianconera) and the assistance of Juventus fans’ account The AJC (@ The_AJC_). Produced by Adidas The New Juventus FC home, away and third kits will be used in Serie A.

Important: Three Juventus 2024-2025 football kits rendered from La Maglia Bianconera are just first projections. They could have errors, meaning that there could be a variety of variables as well as additional details that may be altered until an official announcement is made.


It’s the latest Adidas Juventus football shirt for home games for 2024-2025.

The Adidas Juventus 24-25 home shirt features more stripes than earlier seasons. The shirt has three white stripes as well as two black stripes with a white central stripe.

With regards to the model In terms of the design, in terms of the template, Adidas Juventus 2024-2025 soccer shirt is based on the sleek Adidas 2024 model of the kit.


Find Adidas’ Juventus FC 2024-2025 away soccer shirt below.The Adidas Juventus 2024-2025 away football shirt The most contemporary among the collections. It’s primarily Solar Yellow, with anthracite emblems and pinky detail.

The pattern could have a design that appears on the Juventus 24-25 away shirt.


See Adidas’ Juventus 2024-25 third jersey in the gallery below.

The Adidas Juve 24-25 third jersey is most definitely the best iconic of the collection. Similar to the other Adidas 24-25 Elite team’s third kits, it sports the iconic Trefoil logo.

In terms of color, it’s color-wise, and the Adidas Juventus 2024-25 3rd football shirt has a classy look. It’s mostly dark, nearly completely black (“aurora black”) and is accompanied by vintage-inspired logos with gold. Its adidas stripes are thought to be grey.

There is still some confusion regarding the collar, the pipes, and other parts there are more information available for the Juventus 24-25 third kit, than for the two other kits.

Look at the the classic Juventus kits at Football Kit Archive

The Adidas Juventus 24-25 away, home, and third football shirts will be on sale until 2024.

Made by Adidas. Which do you think of Juventus 2024-2025’s kits?

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