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Nike Al-Nassr 23-24 Home & Away Kits Available to Buy, But Only in the Club’s Physical Stores

Nike Al-Nassr 23-24 Home & Away Kits Available to Buy, But Only in the Club's Physical Stores

Update: 5 November 2023 Al-Nassr as well as Nike are done with the development of the initial batches of Al-Nassr 2023-2024 away and home kits. However, it is unfortunate that just a handful of people will be able to get the kits yet.

The Nike Al-Nassr 2023-2024 away and away kits are accessible to purchase from the physical store of the club. The kits are able to add three players in the back of the kit – Cristiano Ronaldo Sadio Mane and Marcelo Brozovic. This kit is priced at 379 rupees (101 USD) and includes players printing adding 5 dollars (15 USD). The complete list of information is at @ByanNassr.

The Footy Headlines do not have any information about when or if Nike will launch the Al-Nassr 2023-2024 sets.

Update: 4.10.2023 3 months in the season’s new start and the Nike Al Nassr 2023-2024 kits are not yet available for purchase. The club is not yet to set a date for the launch. It’s hard to remember a major club that did not have their kit available until this early in the season.

Al-Nassr have already unveiled their Nike 2023-2024 away and home kit in their participation in the Asian Champions League. They were the only team to feature their primary sponsors, King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) because they are the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) allows only sponsors to sponsor their primary tournaments for clubs.

Update 7th September, 2023 There is a good chance that that the Nike Al-Nassr 2023-2024 kits will come out quickly. The Al-Nassr store has been temporarily shut off the market today, possibly to prepare for the official launch of the kit. Thank you to the @Nawaf_STATS for this spot.

We believe that the club alone will offer the kit. The kits won’t be sold through Nike or any other independent retailer likely.

It’s been more than 2 months now since Nike was officially named the designer of Al-Nassr’s kits and replaced the Saudi company Duneus. But, Al-Nassr fans remain in a position to get the hands of the latest kits.

Even though they have players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Sadio Mane among their players, Al-Nassr is not yet a Nike elite team, and they aren’t any team that has particular treatment. The kits they wear are inspired by regular Nike kit with an additional design that the club has added to it.

The exact date for when kits will be made available for purchase, however most likely, the club will need to make the shirts custom-made either on their own or with the assistance of a retailer. Since they’re not accustomed to handling such a high demand, they could need several weeks or months.

It is possible that Nike will give Al-Nassr more attention in the 2024-2025 seasons However, currently, they are at the same level as smaller European clubs such as Zurich as well as lower-level clubs including Young Boys and Sunderland.


Al-Hilal is their closest rival, with an arena only 10 km away has sold more than 10,000 Neymar shirt in just seven hours using their top Puma agreement during the current season.

Al-Nassr’s Nike kits aren’t yet sold to purchase

The club must design the shirts on their own or through the assistance of a retailer,

Clubs that aren’t accustomed to the demand

Rivals Al-Hilal is able to meet the demand it sold more than 10,000 Puma shirt in just 7 hours. It was also due to Puma Premium offer

Al-Nassr kits actually draw on the slender Nike Park 7 teamwear shirt

Are you shocked by the fact at how many years for the Al Nassr’s Nike kits to be available on the market? Can the team be in a position to keep up with the huge demand for the new kit?

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