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Volt 2023 Black Consciousness Kit Released

Volt 2023 Black Consciousness Kit Released

Volt Sport has collaborated with the Football Racial Discrimination Observatory (Observatory on Racial Discrimination and Football) to launch a special Black Consciousness kit for three of the Brazilian teams: Botafogo-SP America-MG, and Santa Cruz.


It’s the 2023 Black Consciousness football shirt.

Volt 2023 Black Consciousness football jerseys. Volt 2023 black Consciousness football uniforms are simple in look with a predominant colour of brown and black accents. Collar, cuffs and the Volt logo, and club’s crest are all in black.

The words “Conscienciancia Negra Todo Dia’ (Black Consciousness Every Day) is the brand name of the campaign appears on the back of the shirt. Lastly, it’s seal from the Football Racial Discrimination Observatory appears on the reverse of the shirt.

One interesting aspect is the area on the shoulders of the shirts, or at the sides of the band that uses embossing to give a high-relief appearance featuring patterns influenced by the black fashion and culture.In the course of the campaign the proceeds will go to the Football Racial Discrimination Observatory, the reference body located in Brazil for the debate of race-related issues in sports.

What are your thoughts on the Volt’s 2023 Black Consciousness kit?

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