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British Teams Wear Poppy on 23-24 Kits

British Teams Wear Poppy on 23-24 Kits

Many British teams were wearing the poppy on their shirts this weekend and included Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle, Manchester City, Rangers and many more. Many teams wore the sleek and outdated poppy offered from the Royal British Legion, but certain teams chose to wear a slightly different one and/or included more details. There were also a few different poppy designs in Scotland.

Numerous British soccer clubs in the UK will be participating in the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal 2023 by wearing poppy shirts in celebration of Remembrance Day this and next weekend.ALL PREVIOUS POPPIES CAME WITHOUT A YEAR


This year’s British Legion Poppy is different in comparison to previous years. The first time ever, the poppy is a year 2023. The previous poppies did not have an annual calendar.

We have already seen a glimpse at the 2023-2024 Poppy football kits. The thing that is peculiar is that Liverpool published images on their website which depict Virgil van Dijk wearing a different type of poppy, but without the date. It is yet to be determined what Poppy Liverpool will wear for the match. women’s will wear the outdated Poppy.

The soiled 2023-2024 Poppy football kits can be sold at Match Worn Shirts, who have a separate website to host the 2023 British Poppy Appeal.

If you cannot have the matchworn shirts you need or would prefer the poppy in an ordinary outfit, buy the 2023 British Poppy via Subsidesports for just 4 GBP. They also sell the Poppy already attached to different 22-24 kit.

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