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PSG 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked

PSG 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked

The first info about the Nike Paris Saint-Germain 2024-25 third kit has been leaked by Gol De Sergio. It is made by Nike, but has an upside Swoosh than usual, as well as other elite Nike teams.


This picture shows the colors of the new Nike Paris SG third football shirt for 2024-25.

The new Nike PSG 2024-25 third jersey is a ‘Rush Pink’ main color with blackaccents.

Officially, the colors are “Rust Pink/Black/Black”.

The most notable feature of the PSG 24-25 third kit is the upside Swoosh – a new design from Nike to add a highlight to their 24-25 third kit.

The Nike PSG third kit will be launched in July/August 2024.

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