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Confirmed: Full Three Stripes Removed For Adidas Italy 125 Years Anniversary Kit Debut

The latest update: Italy have debuted their 125th-anniversary jersey against Spain and confirmed it is not the Three Stripes are only on shoulders for the version for matches. Also, there’s no 125th Anniversary badge located on the lower right.

Italy 2023 125th Anniversary Kit On-Pitch

Italy 2023 The 125th Anniversary Kit is not available. Badge Below the Lower Right Hem

Italy 2023 The 125th Anniversary Kit – Complete Look

Version 1.0 Update Images from the pregame confirm that Adidas Italy 125 Years Anniversary Kit will be released without the three stripes in full. This is due to UEFA regulations and the “Sleeve Free Zone” specifically. Other elements in the Italy 2023 edition of the match celebrating 125 years exactly the same as the retail version.

Adidas Italy 125th Anniversary Kit – Retail (Full Three Stripes) vs Match Version (Stripes on sleeves only)
Adidas Italy The 125th Year Anniversary Collection – Player Sizing Details

The fabric that is part of the Adidas Italy 125th Anniversary Kit is so thin that it’s possible to determine the size of the shirt each participant is wearing. Verratti wears a Size S, while Bonucci Chiesa and Bonucci both wear a Size L.

14 June 2023 Extraordinary: Adidas Italy 125 Years Anniversary Kit to be Adjusted to Debut

In a leak that is exclusive, Footy Headlines can reveal that the Adidas Italy 125 Years Anniversary Kit will undergo changes prior to the first time on the pitch. The changes are needed to be in line with UEFA regulations and boost performance during games.

There aren’t images of the off-pitch version of the Adidas Italy 125 Years Anniversary kit as of yet. The kit will be available first on Thursday night at the latest. Italy takes on Spain during the UEFA Nations League semi-finals.

We’ve made our renderings of the exclusive match-day Italy kit with FIFA Kit Creator and the recreation of Bruno Fonseca. You can design soccer kits of your very own using FIFA Kit Creator.

1. Adidas Italy 2023 Anniversary Kit to include Stripes on Shoulders Only

The most noticeable difference will be the absence of all 3 stripes across the sleeves since UEFA regulations demand a non-restricted space in the sleeve of the kit.This Sleeve Free Zone will feature the UEFA Nations League logo on the right sleeve, as well as the UEFA Foundation for Children logo on the left sleeve.

2. Adidas Italy 2023 Anniversary Kit Shorts to have No pockets in Match

The kit also does have pockets that are a unique feature of versions sold at retail. Pockets are, naturally not the best choice for performance on the pitch. Adidas introduced pockets into football shorts in the Jamaica 2023 away and home kits, which makes them more to wear every day (it is not difficult to see why it is beneficial to have pockets on the field).

Adidas Italy 125 Anniversary Kit – Match Version with Badges

There is some speculation regarding other possible changes including the removal of the anniversary message beneath the logo as well as the distinctive label at the bottom left the changes haven’t been confirmed to date.

It is important to note that the match-worn jersey will be exclusive to players and won’t be sold to the general public. Fans will be forced to settle to purchase a replica altered anniversary kit when it becomes available.

Do you want UEFA to allow the full Three Stripes on sleeves once more? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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