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Everton 23-24 Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Everton 23-24 Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Everton today unveiled the 2023-24 away kit that they will wear and drew on the inspiration of the earlier Premier League era.

The brand new Everton FC 2023-2024 away and goalkeeper strip pays tribute to the ’90s Liverpool style and fashion by launching a video with local talent who are part of Liverpool’s Merseyside musical scene.

The Men’s Team will sport the latest kit during an early season friendly match in the league against Wigan Athletic.

Everton AWAY KIT 23-24

The latest Hummel Everton home shirt to be worn from 2023-2024.

The Hummel Everton Football Club 2023-24 away shirt incorporates elements of the away kits worn by the club from 1992 to 1994 as well as 1994-1996 The shirt features the navy and coral colour scheme and bold vertical stripes.

Navy Shorts, socks and shorts are the perfect complement to the brand new Hummel Foreverton FC away 2023-2024 kit.


This shirt is this shirt, the Everton FC 2023-24 goalkeeper away shirt that was designed by Hummel.

Alongside the outside kit in addition to the outfield kit, in addition, the Hummel Everton FC 2023-2024 goalkeeper away shirt features a silhouette design depicting the intersection of St. Luke’s Church and Goodison Park.

Are you a fan of your Everton FC 2023-24 away and kit for goalkeepers? Leave a comment below.

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