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Insane: Full Nike FC Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit Costs You 260 Euro

Insane: Full Nike FC Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit Costs You 260 Euro

Fans of all sports are eagerly looking forward to the start of the season and especially for the new kits. The majority of Barcelona supporters will feel an economic strain while purchasing their new away kit.

Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit Price

The Barcelona 23-24 away kit has sparked concern with supporters due to its price. The entire kit in authentic model, which includes shorts, shirt and socks, is set to be priced at 265 euros.

Although the shirt is priced at the price of 165 euro (155 Euro + 10 Euro for the badge on the sleeve) The shorts and socks cost 25 and 75 euros and 20 euros, respectively.


It’s important to know that the real prices include 164.99 Euro, 74.99 Euro, and 19.99 Euro – so it amounts to 259,97 Euro and that’s just a slight distinction to the eyes.

If you’re looking to purchase a kit that is similar to one for younger children the prices are less expensive. The complete kit for children that are aged between 3-8 costs 70 euros.

The addition of a player’s name on the reverse of the shirt is going to cost more than 20 euros. Many people are worried about the price of the latest kit however, will this affect the sales? We’ll see however, brands may need to reduce their prices during the life of the jersey.

Barcelona 23-24 Full Kit Price – 260 Euro for The Authentic Shirt, Shorts & Socks Together

  • Barcelona’s brand new kit is around 260 euros for the original version
  • The shirt is priced at 150 euros (10 euros to get the badge)
  • A complete replica kit for the kids is cheaper (70 euros).
  • A player’s name added to the shirt is an additional 20 euros.
  • The fans are concerned over the high cost of this kit.

Are you of the opinion that Barcelona’s or Nike’s prices for kits are excessive? Tell us via the comment section below.

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