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Chelsea 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Update: Footy Headlines can leak the Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 third training top. It features the same colors as the third kit, which is a light mint green with black and grey. Both will be launched in early/ mid-September 2023.

Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 Third Training

EA Sports has accidentally shown the new Chelsea 2023-2024 third kit in a gameplay explanation video of the upcoming EA Sports FC. It confirms the previously leaked images.

In the video, Chelsea plays against Manchester City. It is almost a kit clash – light blue against light teal.

Update: Chelsea’s 2023-2024 third kit has been leaked by @infinitechelsea. The Chelsea 2023-2024 third kit will be available for purchase from the megastore before the Burnley away game in early October, confirming Footy Headlines’ previous leak.

The Chelsea 2023-2024 third kit is colored “Mint Foam”, which is a light mint green. The leaked pictures by @infinitechelsea have the wrong minty-blue shade of color – Footy Headlines have corrected the colors.

Chelsea 2023-2024 Third Kit – Off-Colors vs Fixed Colors

Update: We can leak a 90% accurate render of the mint-colored Chelsea third kit for next season. Only small details will be different from the final kit – mainly

the exact look of the graphic design on the collar and sleeves. Other elements are 100% accurate.


This picture shows the Chelsea Football Club 2023-2024 third shirt, made by Nike.

The Nike Chelsea FC 2023-2024 third shirt will be mint green, more specifically ‘Mint Foam’. The accent color is black. A light grey color shade is used for graphic detailing.

Mint Green is not a first in the club’s history. In the 1987-87 season, Chelsea made their kits in-house and had a mint green away jersey. Umbro took over a year later and also released a mint green alternative kit. Since the late 1980s, Mint Green has not returned for a Chelsea player kit. In the 2015-16 season, Adidas released a mint green goalkeeper jersey.

In terms of design, the Nike Chelsea 2023-24 third football shirt is modern. Indeed, it is very similar to the Nike Inter 23-24 third kit but with some extra graphic elements on the collar and the sleeve cuffs.

We expect the Nike Chelsea 2023-24 third jersey to be available to purchase from September 2023 – a bit earlier than the third shirt of the 22-23 season (6 October 2022 due to delivery/manufacturing problems).

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