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3 New Pictures: FC Barcelona 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

3 New Pictures: FC Barcelona 23-24 Third Kit Leaked3 New Pictures: FC Barcelona 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Version 1.0 Update With the help of SJ the leak of three images from the Barcelona 2023-2024 third kit, in the real version.

Version 1.0: The first photos of the duplicate version of the Barcelona 23-24 third kit are being published through Barcelona shirt enthusiast @memorabilia1899 and they are significantly less authentic than the real one. The Blaugrana appearance is visible on the shirt and it has standard logos stitched on it and the real one has a unique Nike Grind emblems.

FC Barcelona 2023-2024 Away Kit – Replica vs Authentic

Version 1.0 Update FC Barcelona shirt collector @memorabilia1899 offers us an in-depth review of The Dri-Fit ADV variant of the Barce.lona 2023-2024 third kit. The kit comes equipped with “recycled” Nike Grind branding and a distinctive fabric.

Barca 2023-2024 3rd Kit – In-Depth Images

The latest update: The Barcelona 2023-2024 third kit was released through FC Barcelona shirt collector @memorabilia1899. Eight photos depict the look with all the details including the Blaugrana color scheme woven into material and the logos that are made of Nike Grind.

The photo appears to be a leak. It has not been officially announced yet, however the kit that will come out is the same

Also, make sure to take a look at both the Barcelona 23-24 kit for home use along with the Barcelona 23-24 away kit.


Take a look at Nike’s FC Barcelona 23-24 third football shirt here.

The Nike Barcelona 23-24 third football shirt has a predominant mint ( “Light Aqua”) as well as Blaugrana to design elements, and black for the color of the logo.

“Light Aqua” is the exact shade that was used for the Inter 22-23’s away kit For instance. The two colors Royal Blue and University Red are popular colors to use on Nike soccer kits. The combination that is featured in this FC Barcelona 23-24 third kit recalls vivid images of FC Barcelona’s previous kits, such as the alternate kit for 2011-13.

Regarding the template in terms of design, this Nike Barca 23-24 third football kit has been streamlined. It is based on the same template as diverse national teams competing in various national teams to participate in the various national teams for the Women’s World Cup as well as other Nike and other 23-24 Elite club teams to wear their third kit.

Two aspects make this Barcelona 23-24 third kit stand out: the material as well as the Swoosh and crest.

Barcelona 23-24, Third Kit Fabric

The colors evoke memories of Adidas Manchester United 20-21 home kit .

Barcelona 23-24, Third Kit Swoosh and Crest – Made from Nike Grind

The FC Barcelona 23-24 third uniform is expected to be released in August/September 2023.

It was designed by Nike. What do you think of Barca’s 3rd shirt? Let us know in the comments below as well as go through the 23-24 Kit Overview to learn further details..

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