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Good or Bad? Nike Return to Streamlined Looks for 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits

Good or Bad? Nike Return to Streamlined Looks for 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits

update: The majority of Nike 2023-2024 Elite Team third football kit are either fully leak-proof or made available. The release is a back to the original design, because each kit has sleek designs, with just custom colours. The initial Nike Global 14-15 third kits were popular, and it became uncommon to not have individual kits.


The Nike 2023-24 third jerseys feature customized colorways that are based on the same model. This is the exact model which was introduced with Nike’s Nike 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup kits.

What’s most impressive concerning what is most remarkable about the Nike 2023-2024 3rd Kit template is the v-insert in the collar.

Regarding the design The kits are all heading towards the same direction. They are contemporary with customized colors to match the team. However, they’re only designs.Nike’s 23-24 third kit shares similar designs to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup shirts.

Nike 23-24 Third Kits Have the same pattern as Nike 2023’s women’s World Cup Kits

The Liverpool 23-24 third kit as well as those of the Nike USA 2023 Women’s World Cup kits are based on the same design.
PSG is the sole team that has a unique design with Jordan as well as Travis Scott. The outfit that is being used by Turkish champions Galatasaray hasn’t been completely revealed yet, but the expectation is that it will be in red, and similar fashion to the other clubs.

The Swoosh launched streamlined, global third kits to their top teams around the globe at first in 2014. After nine years, the trend is back to streamlined designs that are customized with colours.

The template that was released for the 2023 Women’s World Cup Jerseys are home to the eight European Elite teams for the 2023-2024 timeframe. Club America from Mexico and Corinthians Brazil Brazil will also receive a 3rd jersey based on the slimmer model.

If you’re new to Nike’s football kits or elite teams, Atletico Madrid Barcelona, Chelsea, Galatasaray, Inter, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, and Tottenham are Nike’s European Elite level.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Third Kit

The Nike Barcelona 23-24 third football shirt has a predominant mint ( “Light Aqua”) as well as Blaugrana as design elements and black for the colour of the logo. Officially the color scheme is ” Light Aqua/Royal Blue/University Black/Red“.

Chelsea 23-24 3rd Kit

More specifically, it’s “Mint Foam”. The primary color is black.

Inter Milan 23-24 Third Kit

The Nike Inter Milan 23-24 third jersey It is a timeless, yet unique combination of colors that is perfect for I Nerazzurri . It’s predominantly orange mixed with grey and black.

Tottenham 23-24, Third Kit

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur FC 2023-24 third t-shirt debuts the first of its kind in the club’s history: predominantly (dark) beige-colored kit.

Liverpool 23-24 3rd Kit

This Nike Liverpool 23-24 third shirt is a unique combination of colors to match this Merseyside club. The shirt has the lighter purple of the base and darker purple for sleeves and the cuffs on the sides and white logos.

PSG 23-24 3rd Kit

The Jordan PSG 2023-2024 third football shirt was inspired by it’s Air Jordan pattern, which is a timeless pattern that has been worn in a variety of Jordan’s shoes.

Atletico Madrid 23-24 Third Kit

The Nike Atletico de Madrid 2023-24’s third shirt blends black and turquoise for the logos and other applications. Officially it is ” Spring Green/Black/Black“.

Galatasaray 3rd Kit 23-24

The Nike Galatasaray 2023-24 third jersey has a predominant red colour with three triangular panels of orange-yellow that hang from the neck collar that is round. The cuffs are a similar shade.

Corinthians 23-24 3rd Kit

The Nike SC Corinthians 2023-2024 third jersey is a light yellow color that is to honor Doutor Socrates his influence on his “Diretas Ja” movement. The jersey is the exact yellow hue as the shirt Socrates donned when he announced, “I’m not leaving our homeland! “.

Club America 23-24 Third Kit

The Nike Club America 23-24 third shirt was designed on the slimmer Nike model for the season 23-24.

The Nike 2023-2024 soccer third jerseys debut in August/September 2023.

Are you impressed by the vibrant colors and modern design from Nike’s Nike 2023-2024 3rd kits?

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