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Triple White Nike Premier III ‘Prototype’ Released

Triple White Nike Premier III 'Prototype' Released

After the launch of Tiempo Legend X “Prototype” in its original white shade, Nike has released the Premier III ‘Prototype’ in three white colors.


See the latest Nike Premier III FG ‘Prototype Triple White’ cleats in the image below.

The new Nike Premier III FG ‘Prototype’ football boots come in the exact white colour like the earlier Tiempo 10 Prototype sneakers. The words “PREMIER” at the collar, as well as the tongue folded in black.

This Premier III has a premium K-leather upper and an altered pattern of stitching throughout the forefoot area to provide zones of cushioning in the outstep and instep.

Nike has announced that they’ll phase out all K-leather within the next few years – similar to what Tiempo is doing. This could therefore be the final Premier 3 colorways made from K-leather.As far as technology in terms of technology, the latest Nike Premier III FG ‘Prototype boot is identical to the first edition.

Nike Premier III FG ‘Prototype’ – Features

  • Upper: High-quality kangaroo skin with a harder sensation.
  • Tongue: 2-In-1 Style: The tongue folds over and has an angled line that lets users choose between traditional design or a modern one.
  • Solder Plates: Conical studs to provide the grip of grass pitches
  • Price: EUR100 (PS85)
  • Colorway: White / Black
  • Pricing: 120 USD (120 EUR (120 EUR, 100 GBP)
  • Colorway Triple White
  • Date of release: 19 September 2023

The brand new Nike Premier 3 FG ‘Prototype soccer shoes are on sale from the 18th of September, 2023 costing 120USD (120 EUR, 105 GBP).

What are your thoughts on the brand new Nike Premier III FG ‘Prototype Cleats? Let us know in the comments below and check out the Boot Calendar for all the most recent Nike footwear.

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