Leaked: First details of Arsenal 2023/24 home kit
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Leaked: First details of Arsenal 2023/24 home kit

The report states that there won’t be surprises with the colouring in the new Arsenal home kits for 2023 and 24 season with the Gunners likely to wear their traditional blue and red. But the sleeves are being planned for a shift.

Leaked: First details of Arsenal 2023/24 home kit
Leaked: First details of Arsenal 2023/24 home kit

Since the change to Adidas Arsenal’s home shirts have always featured an orange body and white sleeves. The white coloration fading once it is on the shoulder.

This contrasts with Puma which mainly used sleeves made of raglan to match their Arsenal shirt, and the sleeves are fully extended up to the collar.

Despite the Adidas kits being significantly more popular than Puma shirts , which are a favorite among the people who wear them, it appears Adidas are preparing to try their hand at using sleeves with raglans on their new shirt designs.

latestnewshub highlight that in addition to the details they’ve received from their source regarding the brand new Arsenal kits, it’s important to mention that every Adidas kit in the 2022 World Cup uses raglan sleeves.

This seems to be the direction kit makers are heading, making an identical design for Arsenal even more likely.

latestnewshub have put together a sketch kit for what the new shirt will look like taking inspiration from the current World Cup kits.

It appears that we’re entering leak season for the kit currently With Helloofans.com also reporting that Adidas are preparing to launch the sponsorship-free model of their third kit in the coming season.

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