Arsenal 2023/24 home, away and third kit leaked: What we know so far about new Adidas jerseys
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Arsenal 2023/24 home, away and third kit leaked: What we know so far about new Adidas jerseys

Arsenal 2023/24 home and away kit leaked

The attention is focused on the current season however, the idea of Arsenal sporting a stunning new range of Adidas kits in the Champions League next season is very exciting.

As the Gunners are currently in the lead in the Premier League table with 15 games remaining, and three amazing kits being developed this is a situation that’s on the verge of becoming a reality within three months to come.

Arsenal joined forces in a reunion with Adidas back at the beginning of the year 2019 after 25 years of separation The club was able to smash its record for kit sales because of the acclaim design. The reunion was a success and has seen the association extended with the German sportswear manufacturer until 2030. It will continue to engage and inspire fans across the globe.’

It’s safest to say that Adidas has set high expectations for the future kits, creating anticipation about what’s coming up. Thanks to the Footy Headlines which we’ve accessed, we are able to get an insight. It’s because some details of Arsenal’s 2023/24 away, home and third kits were leaked through the website, and has decided to look into the details we’ve learned about each one of them to date.

Arsenal the home kit

Arsenal 23-24 home kit

The Arsenal 2023/24 home shirts will include elements from that 2005-06 Highbury kit that will feature gold logos as well as gold trim. The new Adidas logo will also be seen on the jersey, like it does on the third and away.

Footy Headlines mention that the main colour of this new kit will be named “Better Scarlet It is a bit darker than the existing ‘Scarlet’ kits for this season. The ‘Better scarlet’ colour will be complemented by white and gold to finish off the color scheme.

The confirmed colour of Arsenal’s 2023/24 home kit featured on a potentially accurate concept design

It’s also been suggested that Adidas could include raglan sleeves on their shirt first in their collaboration with Arsenal and Arsenal, despite the earlier four home kits sporting an iconic red body with a white sleeve.

The 2023/24 jersey for the home team is expected to go on sale this summer.

Arsenal away kit

Arsenal 23-24 away kit

The Arsenal 2023/24 away kit shirt will feature a bright yellow base color, and black to mark logos and other applications.

Footy Headlines state that it is unclear at the moment whether that away strip will sport the cannon, or a recoloured version of the club’s regular crest. But, since the cannon was featured in the strip for away games during the past two seasons, it is to be the more likely option.

A model from the 2023/24 Arsenal away kit based upon the confirmed colors

The bright yellow is a drawback to the away kit of last season however, the color of the new version is expected to be much brighter than the previous version. It is not known what will be how the kit will be designed yet.

The away shirt for 2023/24 will also be available during the summer.

Arsenal 3rd kit

Information about details about the Arsenal 2023/24 3rd kit have still to be revealed, but we know that a version without sponsors this shirt is offered to the general public..

Although sponsors will be worn by players at games, a third-shirt alternative will be offered to fans along with the original shirt, Footy Headlines reports.

The non-sponsored version is thought to be part of Adidas Lifestyler that is described as “stylish products that are more in the category of fashion rather than sports.’ It is believed that the Gunners currently have variety of Lifestyler products on sale which include sweatshirts, jackets along with tracksuit tops.

The 2023/24 Lifestyler’s third shirt will go on sale in August this year.

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