All Nike 2023 Women's World Cup Kits Released - 13 Teams, 26 Kits

All Nike 2023 Women’s World Cup Kits Released – 13 Teams, 26 Kits

All Nike 2023 Women's World Cup Kits Released - 13 Teams, 26 Kits

As we have been told, Nike today Monday, April 3rd, 2023, unveiled 2023’s official 2023 women’s World Cup kits for all 13 teams sponsored by Nike. Some of them are already on sale but the majority will be in stores on the morning of Monday, June 5, 2023.

Nike creates the uniforms for 13 national teams participating in 2023’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, more than any other brand. The Swoosh releases bespoke kits that are available to all teams. This is why it’s the first exclusive women’s kit to Australia, Portugal, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, and South Korea.


The Nike 2023 Women’s World Cup kits have modern and bright designs that will help the growing popularity of women’s soccer. A few of Nike’s 2023 Women’s kits have the same design: Netherlands (home), USA (away) as well as France (away).

In terms of design, some elements of Nike 2023 Women’s World kits include elements that are reminiscent of 2002’s Total 90 kit.

What’s unique what is special about what is unique about Nike 2023 Women’s kit are the badges as well as the authentic labels. A lot of badges have a simple dotted design, whereas the genuine badge features an impressive multicolor dot pattern. Similar patterns is seen on the USA 2023 women’s home kit.

The collection is characterized by a fresh shape and fabric innovation that has been that is mapped to women’s specific movements. It is designed to keep athletes cool, and comfortable and move with ease.

Nike designers also emphasized sustainability by making the shorts and jerseys out of 100 percent recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. They also used a 100 percent Nike Grinder for uniform Swooshes, federation crests, and trims.

Nike Leak Protection

The athletes will receive Nike Leak Protection and Period innovation that is integrated inside the Pro short as well as the latest Nike bra selection.

Australia 2023 Kits for the Women’s World Cup

Australia’s National Team Collection celebrates its multicultural community and country. It offers an opportunity for everyone Australians to come together and be part of this momentous and legendary team. The font used for both kits has modern and distinctive with a modern variation on the traditional numbers. The home kit is adorned with the creation of an acrylic pour by hand, and marbling patterns, which reflect the diverse culture and nation of Australia and the evolution and commitment of the team as it progresses over the course of time. The away kit is turquoise, which is a look toward the future and represents an Australia that is lively as well as energetic, and forward-looking.

Brazil 2023 women’s World Cup Kits

Inspired by Amazon The Brazil National Team Collection weaves an individual look using the pattern of tropical foliage. The yellow home kit reflects the stunning Amazon ecosystem with the pattern’s knit textured. This blue kit blends in the landscape’s deep vibrant jungle colors. The kit that away features an alternate version that is a tropical leaf design and this time it appears as sleeves.

Canada 2023 Kits for Women’s World Cup

The Canada National Team Collection focuses on the country’s classic color scheme of white and red. The home kit showcases a bold modernization of their iconic geometric maple leaf design. Meanwhile, the away kit focuses on its classic red and white design.

China 2023 Ladies’ World Cup Kits

The China National Team Collection shines a spotlight on China’s classic colors of yellow and red and is a deeply rooted combination of Chinese culture and identity. This home uniform is influenced by the famous Xiang Yun symbol, which is a traditional Chinese stylized cloud that is associated with luck and good luck. The away kit has a bright yellow hue that is the second of their traditional hues.

England 2023 World Cup Women’s Kits

The England National Team Collection is in the spirit of the Art Deco movement and design of the famous Wembley Stadium, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The home kit is a classic off-white hue that is based on the original Wembley’s white chalky brick exterior from 1923. The colors pay tribute to 1984’s England women’s team, which was the first team of women from the country to be assembled for a major event. The away kit features the first blue-colored kit throughout the history of the team. The design of the top is geometric, and also a nod at that to the Art Deco movement.

France 2023 Kits for Women’s World Cup

Invoking France’s rich past of women’s soccer France’s National Team Collection is inspired by Orphism which was an art movement that gained popularity in the 1920s at the point when the very first French women’s teams of football took to the field. The home kit has pastel shades of lilac and light blue and resembles the uniforms of the 1920s teams. White away Kit has an exclusive, hand-painted pattern cut into hexagon shapes similar to Orphism art.

Korea 2023 Ladies’ World Cup Kits

The Korea National Team Collection is in the spirit of Korea’s youthful tradition and world-renowned fashion trends. This red kit contrasts traditional colors from Korea with a bright, new pink. The funky blocking on the side panels gives a unique look that reflects the youth of the nation and the team. This white kit is adorned with color blocking that is inspired to Korean fashion. Korean trendsetting fashions. The split panels on the sides point to the old ideas of balance and contrast in the Korean flag.

Netherlands 2023 Kits for Women’s World Cup

This Netherlands National Team Collection is founded on two distinct identities that are the blue, red, and white shades of the flag of the nation as well as the vibrant orange which is their traditional national color. The home kit is orange and features two-color contrast that is rooted in Dutch football tradition. The away kit focuses on the flag’s colors with blue as their primary color. Nike designers used the lioness as of the Dutch women’s national team’s crest and incorporated its design with geometric patterns from the present.

New Zealand 2023 Women’s World Cup Kits

The New Zealand National Team Collection highlights the country’s unique iconic culture and stunning landscapes. Its home kits pays tribute to its natural surroundings with an updated look for an iconic pattern that evokes an iconic symbol for New Zealand’s identity as a nation – The Silver Fern. For the distinctive all-over design, Nike designers used black and silver spray paint techniques. This kit for away, which is an edgy blue that was inspired by the 1991 qualifying team, is made more unique because the country is hosting the world’s largest stage to date for the first time.

Nigeria 2023 Female World Cup Kits

The Nigeria National Team Collection draws from the uniqueness of Nigeria’s native patterns and prints. These traditional designs are mixed with the latest styles of the fashion world of Abuja, the city that is the capital of Abuja. With a color scheme of electric green, the home kit features unique patterns on the sock ribbing and cuffs in a style inspired by traditional Nigerian art and fabrics. This forest-green away kit combines modern designs with traditional prints. The close-up details of the graphic pattern pay tribute to the team’s “Super Falcons” name.

Norway 2023 Kits for Women’s World Cup

The Norway National Team Collection features striking color-blocking combinations that allow teams to match and mix the colors of their flag in a striking manner. The two kits are accentuated with the Norwegian Football Federation crest.

Portugal 2023 Kits for Women’s World Cup

The Portugal National Team Collection nods to fashion and modern art and also pays homage to the country’s traditions of maritime heritage and traditional craftsmanship to honor Portuguese tradition. This red kit for home, derived from the flag of Portugal is very much rooted in the pride of the country. The away kit is characterized by an enthralling color scheme and unique pattern that is inspired by Portugal’s iconic Calcada Portuguesa designs.

USA 2023 World Cup Women’s Kits

The USA National Team Collection is an homage to the art movement known as abstract expressionism that began during the late 1940s in New York City as the art’s epicenter was shifting away from Europe into in the U.S. — similar to what the USA team has done with women’s soccer. Its home jersey is printed and is the first time in the last eleven years the squad has worn a printed kit at home. The design is done using the action-painting technique of abstract expressionist art The home kit is adorned with a distinct drip-paint pattern that highlights the enthusiasm for the ladies’ national squad -even though they’re the colors are different, they’re all united. This blue kit features sleeves with cuffs, which feature a custom graphic of stars and stripes. The top’s neckline has red blades that are shaped to resemble the points of stars.

Nike 2023’s women’s World Cup Collections

Nike designers have created the biggest-ever collection of team clothing to meet the requirements of athletes — besides the gear, they wear on the pitch and their fans. They’ve designed the collections to honor and highlight the unique stories of each federation the collections cover every aspect of a player’s journey starting with training and travel featuring a range of Nike lifestyle and performance apparel.

The Nike 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup football kits were unveiled on the 3rd of April, Monday, 2023. A few of them like USA, Australia, and New Zealand are already available starting today, while the majority of other kits will be available on the 5th of June on Monday, 2023. The collections comprise men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes and silhouettes.

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