Brilliant FC Barcelona 23-24 Long-Sleeve Home Kit Leaked

Brilliant FC Barcelona 23-24 Long-Sleeve Home Kit Leaked

The long-sleeved version of Barcelona’s 23-24 kit has been revealed through @Croketa1899 and is amazing.

We also have the opportunity to see the first photos of the authentic short-sleeve match-specific variant from the Nike FC Barcelona 23-24 home kit (Big thanks to PFJ).


This is the latest Nike Barcelona home long-sleeve jersey for 2023-2024.

This Nike Barcelona 23-24 home long-sleeve shirt is, of course, exactly the same as the short-sleeved version. For Barcelona’s 23-24 home kit, the long-sleeve shirt has the appearance of a different one.

The all-red LONG SLEEVES IMPROVE THE APPEARANCE of another RED STRIPE PERIOD ON each side. Thanks to the sleeves that are all-red of the Nike Barcelona 2023-2024 home long-sleeve football shirt, it appears as if there is a red stripe on both sides. This is probably a design idea by Nike as well for the short-sleeve version, but only happens when you wear the long-sleeve.

The positive part is Nike will offer the long-sleeve version Barcelona 2023-2024 football shirt as a replica version. The club may also offer the authentic shirt with long sleeves, however, we haven’t confirmed that as of yet.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit – Short vs Long Sleeves

What do you think of the long-sleeved version of FC Barcelona’s home kit for 23-24? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below this article as well as go through the overview of 23-24’s kit for further Nike football kit leaks.

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