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“Leaked” by Saka: Arsenal 23-24 Pre-Match Shirt

New version: Bukayo Sako was seen wearing a not yet released Arsenal 23-24 shirt that was released for the announcement of his contract renewal today.

The official launch for the Arsenal 23-24 pre-match kit will be taking place on Friday, as will Arsenal’s new kit for home.

Original article: We’ve been able to leak the first look of Arsenal’s brand new 23-24 pre-match shirt today. The shirt is manufactured by Adidas and will be used during this season’s Premier League campaign.


The jersey is Arsenal FC 23-24 pre-match jersey produced by Adidas.

It is the Adidas Arsenal 23-24 shirt for pre-match is predominantly red and has patterns that resemble lightning bolts. They are available in two different colors the dark red version which has a light shadow, and another orange version with shadows of the dark.

This design has clear connections in the current 23-24 home shirts design and also includes lightning elements.

All logos are white color, and Arsenal’s logo is white and red.

The Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 soccer shirt will be available this summer.

Would you wear Arsenal’s jersey for the pre-match? Let us know below.

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