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Nike KD 15 Performance Review

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The Nike KD 15 is a superb performance model. It keeps all the great features of the previous KD signature and also updates a few things.

The Nike KD 15 is the most recent model in the line of Kevin Durant’s signature sneakers. Following the popularity of last year’s model, which was among the most popular models of this year the Nike KD 15 followed in the steps of the 14’s and is also been added to the Best Basketball Shoes list. Many of the features that worked in the past have been reintroduced, and a few modifications could make them better for some users. They are available via either the above link or at the bottom of this review.

It is also one of the best Nike KD 15 is also listed on the Top Outdoor Basketball Shoes, Best Traction the Best Basketball Shoes for Supporting Ankles Best Low Tops most comfortable, the best basketball Shoes that are suitable for Shooting Guards, Best Basketball Shoes for small forwards, the Best basketball Shoes that can be used by Power Forwards and the Best basketball Shoes that are Suitable for Centres. It’s also among the top basketball shoes and among the top volleyball shoes and Nike sneakers for volleyball are available on sale.


Traction has a multi-directional design and can grip every surface well. The traction pattern isn’t like the traction found on the Nike Kobe 9 However, when you first look it gives the impression of Kobe 9 vibes. The grip is fantastic but it’s not Kobe 9 quality however it’s still great.


The cushioning setup is identical to the KD 14, which is excellent considering that this KD 14 was one of the most comfortable rides of the year. The midsole cushion is Cushlon which is soft and soft. The Strobe Board is a full-length Zoom Air device that’s bouncy beneath your feet. This is perfect for people with flat feet as the foam, as well as Zoom Air will cover you any place. This year, they are closer to the ground, which means greater stability.


The materials in the KD 15 are nothing extraordinary, but they perform the job they are supposed to while keeping the shoe light as well as comfortable. We’re thankful that the irritating strap that was on the previous model was taken off. It’s no longer necessary to worry about the strap becoming loose and flapping while you’re playing your best. The strap was replaced with two separate plastic pieces that are on both the medial and lateral sides, which are more effective for keeping it in place. All materials are fabric, which is what you would expect from any modern basketball shoe. The tongue has a resemblance to Nike’s Torch system which is among the most effective ever.


The fit is as true as the size. Last year’s model required us up by one-half size, specifically in the non-EP versions. This year you’re able to stick to the size you normally wear. They sit comfortably upon your foot and are a pleasure to play with even though they’re a bit thinner. The fit will get better due to the insoles forming into your foot. Take your time with the time required to break in.

If you are wearing ankle braces or other accessories and you are planning to test these in-store ensure that you bring them with you to ensure better sizing accuracy.


Support for the HTML0 KD 15 is excellent and is a slight improvement over the model from last year. Even without middle foot straps, users have all the support that they require. There’s a heel counter that’s traditional. Both the medial and lateral sides are reinforced with TPU parts that act as wings for lockdown. They also assist in catching your side-to-side moves that are hard to control. The trick is to choose the right size.


The Nike KD 15 is among the top basketball sneakers of the season. There’s not much to be unhappy about. They won’t be for you If you’re particular about the materials and would prefer leather. But, as a modern basketball shoe, it is everything you want. Additionally, the colorways have been excellent to date. It’s like a change from earlier in the one. Nike KD 14.

How can I find the content in this video?

In the video Chris offers detailed info on all the typical categories, giving you the complete details you require. Chris offers expert-level advice regarding the materials that cushion, traction, fit, and support. Here’s a sample of the topics he covers:

  • Gorgeous outsole
  • XDR rubber for EP versions
  • Similar cushion layout similar to Nike KD 14
  • Feels like you’re lower than the earth with Zoom Air Strobel
  • Similar insoles to Nike Kobe 6
  • Full-textile, breathable, and the upper is breathable
  • Nike Air Presto-looking cage
  • Inspiration to Nike Air Jet Flight and the AJ 4?
  • Cool Swooshes
  • Their chin of Thanos is in the rear
  • Nike Torch System tongue
  • Sizing Guidelines
  • Additional assistance features
  • The rear branding resembles it on the AJ 12

To top it off As an added bonus, Mrs. Wing and Chris debate the color of the sneaker.

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How to Buy the Nike KD 15

The Nike KD 15 is now available at as well as on Nike. Additional sizes are readily available on Foot Locker.

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