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Odd Racing Santander 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Odd Racing Santander 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

The latest Racing Santander home, away and third shirts have been released in the last week. The shirts are manufactured by Austral. They are scheduled to be used in the 2023-2024 seasons of La Liga 2.


It’s the Racing Santander 2023-2024 home shirt designed by Austral.

The Austral Racing Santander Home Jersey 2023-24 features white and green vertical stripes along the front. They are hue of the green changing to lighter yellow towards the bottom, and in the area surrounding the logo of the sponsor. It is interesting to note that the logo of the sponsor is included in the pattern, as well as an ombre of the colors of yellow and green.

The subtle patterns is visible across the green surfaces including the sleeves. Black can be seen on the collar and cuffs of sleeves that are yellow on the front.


The Australian Racing Santander’s away t-shirt for 2023-2024.

Light grey in general, the Australia Racing Santander away 2023-24 kit is green with green accents and an unusual graphic at the left-hand side of the shirt.Austral Combines the Racing Santander 2023-24 away shirt along with white and green shorts. socks.


The latest Austral Santander third jersey for 2023-2024.

The Austral Santander 2023-2024 third jersey is primarily light blue. The jersey is adorned with white logos, as well as abstract graphics to the side.

Blue socks and white shorts make up the brand new Austral Santander 2023-24 third kit.

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The Austral Racing Santander 23-24 home third and away jerseys are priced at EUR64.95.

Which do you think of Austral’s brand new third, home and away jerseys to Racing Santander? Leave a comment in the comments below.

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