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Floral Pattern: Bayern Munich 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit Leaked

Floral Pattern: Bayern Munich 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit Leaked

Update: Footy Headlines has leaked a picture of the Bayern Oktoberfest 2023-2024 kit. The design is the same as that of the 2023-24 club third kit.

Bayern Third Jerseys vs Oktoberfest Jerseys 2023-24

Only the collar labels are different between the Bayern 2023-24 Third and Oktoberfest Kits. In the collar of the Oktoberfest kit, there is a Wiesn logo (local term for festive). The third kit has a bold MIA SAN MIA.

Every Bayern 2023-24 shirt, including the third kit and Oktoberfest shirt, is slightly different. Each shirt has a slightly different design that is the result of the production process.

We now have the complete 23-24 Oktoberfest Bayern Munich shirt. The pictures are courtesy of Mr.Jersey.

BAYERN MUNICH oktoberfestival KIT

Adidas Oktoberfest 2023-24 football kit.

The Adidas Bayern Munich Oktoberfest 2023-24 football shirt is olive green and features white logos. The base is a floral design, which gives it a calm look. The collar, sleeve bands and shoulder stripes of the Adidas Bayern Oktoberfest 2023-24 kit are all green.

The club’s usual crest may not be the one you are used to seeing. The older version will be on the 2023-24 third kit. As with the Arsenal 2023-24 third kit, the collar has initials for the club.

This year’s Oktoberfest design is much more contemporary than other designs.

What do you say? What do you think? Tell us what you think below.

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