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Wycombe Wanderers 23-24 Away Kit Revealed

Wycombe Wanderers 23-24 Away Kit Revealed

Wycombe Wanderers will celebrate their 30th year in the EFL by wearing the modern version of the original Wycombe Wanderers away 2023-2024 uniform that they wore for their very first Football League game.

Pete Couhig, Matt Bloomfield and Wycombe Sound revealed the away kit for Wycombe Wanderers 2023-2024 during a Wycombe Sound broadcast. Keith Ryan unveiled the new kit for the Chairboys squad. He played the first match of the club in 1993.

Kit for WYCOMBE Wanderers 23-24

The new Hummel Wycombe Wanderers home shirt is for 2023-2024.

The Hummel Wocombe Wanderers away football shirt, which is based on the 1993-94 original, features a white shirt with stripes in different sizes all around.

Green is the color of shorts worn by Wycombe Wanderers in their 23-24 away kit.

The Hummel Wycombe Wanderers away 23-24 football shirt is available since 7 July at a retail price of PS47.

The shirt can be pre-ordered online and is due to arrive in mid-August, along with ‘s home shirt. This shirt has proven very popular.

Hummel. Do you like Wycombe Wanderers’ away shirt? Please leave a comment below.

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