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AS Roma 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

AS Roma 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

New Update the first official photos of Roma 2023-2024 3rd jersey were leaked by Mantos Do Futebol.


Below, you can see Adidas’ AS Roma 23-24 third football shirt.

The Adidas AS Roma 2023-24 third jersey is predominantly black and the most notable features are the crest as well as the tricolor designs.

ADIDAS utilize the CLASSIC Lupetto logo. iconic AS Roma Lupetto crest, perhaps in a more modernized form featuring tricolor borders (the version we have is the ancient Lupetto We made a new version that has tricolor borders). This AS Roma Lupetto crest has been the official logo for AS Roma from 1979 until 1997.

Apart from the iconic emblem, Adidas combine the Roma 2023-2024 third kit, with three stripes in tricolor, influenced by the iconic Lollipop kit from 1978-1979. Sleeve cuffs feature distinctive designs too to complete the distinctive design.

The KIT TRICOLOR THREE STRIPEESThe AS Roma 1979-1980 ‘lollipop’ (or “ghiacciolo”) kit was created by Piero Gratton who died in the year 2000. It’s still among the most famous kits of Italy in the present. Its ” revolutionary President of that moment Gaetano Anzalone sparked controversy by unveiling a new and radical design (and logo) during a time in which the marketing of kits in Italy was not commonplace”.

Actually, Nike also brought back the “Lollipop” design only it was for it to be used in the Roma house kit (2020-21 season). The design was regarded as to be one of the top kits in that time and Adidas the 2023-2024 kit may be considered among the best kit of the season.

The designer of the ROMA LOLLIPOP KITCHEN, PIERO GRATTON, passed away in 2020. Black shorts and socks make up the latest Adidas Roma 2023-24 third kit.

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The Adidas Roma 23-24 football shirt will be on sale from July 2023 and retails at 100 Euro.

Are you a fan of AS Roma’s new 2023-24 kit? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, as well as check out the 23-24 kit Overview for the complete details of the kit for 2023-2024.

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