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Futuristic Chelsea 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit Revealed

Futuristic Chelsea 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit Revealed

In conjunction with alongside jersey for the home team and sporting the same logos, the latest Chelsea 23-24 home jersey for goalkeepers was revealed. The jersey is manufactured for Nike and will debut during 2023-2024 in the Premier League.

Chelsea do not have a primary sponsors in the 23-24-23 season as of yet since the contract they signed with Three ended after the close of the 2022-23 football season, and wasn’t renewed.


Take a look at Nike’s Chelsea FC 23-24 goalkeeper jersey in the image below.

The Nike Chelsea Football Club 23-24 goalkeeper shirt is stunning in a variety of shades of gray and anthracite together with iridescent, shimmering logos.

The logos appear different depending on the angle you view them from, thanks to the metallic iridescence.

CHELSEA sell their kits only From 16 August. Just like the kit for home The Nike Chelsea 23-24 goalkeeper’s kit is available for sale starting on August 16, 2023. The very tardy launch date has to do with the reality that Chelsea don’t have a primary sponsors – so it is probable that Chelsea would like to offer the kits for 23-24 with the sponsorship of a company, not just sponsorless.

Made by Nike. What do you think of the Chelsea football club’s goalkeeper’s shirt?

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