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Napoli 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released + Third Leaked

Napoli 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released + Third Leaked

The latest Napoli 23-24 away and home kits have been launched today. They received a great reception however they also sell at the very expensive price at 130 euros (match version, no different versions yet)..

The first thing that stands out with regard to the latest Napoli 2023-2024 set of kit is that it’s the only kit set in it is MSC Sponsorship is displayed on the front. It is accompanied by the red Lete Sign is gone.


The EA7 SSC Napoli 2023-24 home shirt is sky blue and the hues that are the colors of the Italian flag in the collar and cuffs.

Additional details on The EA7 SSC Napoli 2023-2024 jersey’s home are seams of white on shoulders as well as a slender design across the front.


It’s the EA7 new SSC Napoli away shirt to be worn in 2023-24.

What is it that makes this Napoli 2023-2024 kit for the away team distinctive is the style of Mount Vesuvius which is a symbol representing the city’s distinctiveness.


The third jersey for the EA7 SSC Napoli third jersey to be worn in 2023-24.

To complete the look, the EA7 SSC Napoli 2023-24 third soccer shirt has an edgy grey background with gold logos, and has an ombre pattern across the sleeves, and in the top of the.

The Napoli 23-24 away and home kits will be launched on Tuesday, July 10, 2023. The price of 130 euros.

What do you think of EA7’s brand new third, home and away kit for Napoli? Let us know in the comments below.

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