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Chelsea 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

Chelsea 23-24 Away Kit Leaked

New Update A different image of the Chelsea 2023-2024 away shirt was tweeted via @feroze17 on Twitter.

The kit is not a major sponsor. Stake is reportedly occupying the Chelsea kits’ front.

This Nike Chelsea 23-24 away shirt was inspired by the away kit of 2002-03 season, in regards to color. The color scheme is blue and navy similar to the one from twenty years ago.

In terms of design, visually, the Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 away kit differs in style and design from 2002-03. Its Chelsea away 23-24 football kit has a full-color digital design that gives a futuristic feel.

An additional interesting aspect to fans of kits is the blue hue utilized for the base collar and sleeves Cuffs. It is referred to as Soar It is the same shade that is used in FC Barcelona’s home kit. FC Barcelona 2021-2022 home kit.

Soar from Barcelona’s home kit 21-22 is the same color as Chelsea’s away kit of 23-24.

It is believed that the Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 away kit most likely has the white/black(very black) badge, with a big gold border.

The Nike Chelsea FC 2023-24 away football shirt is released in the middle of summer 2023 and into July 2023.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea receiving an away t-shirt in navy blue? Comment by leaving a comment below as well as take a look at the 23-24 kit Overview for the complete list of Premier League kit leaks.

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