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Toulouse 23-24 Home, Away & Pre-Match Kits Leaked

Toulouse 23-24 Home, Away & Pre-Match Kits Leaked

Images of the brand newly released Toulouse Football Club 23-24 home away and third shirt were released online this morning. The shirts were designed by Craft the brand newly released Toulouse Football Club home, third and away shirts will wear during Ligue 1. Since Toulouse has a history of changing their home shirts, it’s uncertain which shirt is assigned to which position however we’ve labeled the shirts as we would expect they will be worn.


The jersey is Toulouse 23-24 home jersey designed by Craft.The Craft Toulouse 2023-24 football shirt It has a stripe design that is lighter violet and white. The darker-colored round neck collar adds a bit of color contrast and will likely be to be matched with the collars.


This shirt is Toulouse 2023-2024 away soccer shirt designed by Craft.
The Craft Toulouse FC 2023-2024 away jersey It has the exact design as that is on the shirt at home, however there are some color changes. The white stripes have been replaced with navy. The collar is white.


See Craft’s Toulouse 2023-24 team shirt for the pre-match below.

This craft Toulouse 2023-2024 shirt for the pre-match has a predominantly white design and has purple accents. The front design is a mix of purple and gray, reflecting the Garonne river that flows throughout the town. The neck collar that is round that is featured here is purple.

Made by Craft. Are you a huge fan of the Toulouse FC’s away, home and pre-match kit? Leave a comment in the comments below.

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