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Unique Diagonal Sponsor: Pisa 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Unique Diagonal Sponsor-Pisa 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Pisa’s twenty-23-24’s home, away, and third kits were unveiled today. They’re made for Adidas and will debut during the next year’s Serie B campaign.


It’s the latest Adidas Pisa S.C. Home shirt, which will run from 2023 to 2024. The Adidas Pisa Sporting Club 2023-2024 home football shirt The jersey features the classic blue and black stripes though it’s a little thinner than the usual. The emblems of this Adidas Pisa 2023-24 home shirt are white. The sleeves are black/blue.


This is the brand new Adidas Pisa away jersey that will be available for 2023-2024. The Adidas Pisa 2023-24 away jersey The color scheme is interesting. Its unique color scheme. Adidas Pisa Sporting Club 2023-2024’s away shirt has the light grey color scheme with striking blue sleeves, and a toned white Adidas logo.


It’s the Pisa S.C. 23-24 3rd football shirt designed by Adidas.

The Adidas Pisa Sporting Club 2023-24 third football shirt is certainly one of the most intriguing in the assortment. This Adidas Pisa 2023-2024 shirt has a yellow color with an evocative DNA design.

What is what makes the Adidas Pisa third jersey 2023-2024 distinctive is the location of the principal patron, Cetilar. The jersey isn’t at the center, but rather diagonally.

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Which do you think is the best of what you think of the Pisa 23-24 home 3rd, away and home shirts? Tell us via the comment section below, as well as check out 23-24’s Kit Summary to find out further 2023-2024 kit leaks as well as release dates.

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