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Kaizer Chiefs 23-24 Home & Away Kits Leaked

Kaizer Chiefs 23-24 Home & Away Kits Leaked

Photos of the newly released Kaizer Chiefs 23-24 home and away shirts have surfaced on the internet today. The shirts were designed by Kappa The newly released Kaizer Chiefs home and away shirt will be used in the South African Premier Division. The photos are credited for the photos to KaraboMartinezfor images.


This is the Kaizer Chiefs F.C. Football shirt for the 2023-24 season created by Kappa.

The Kappa Chiefs 2023-2024 shirt has a yellow color with a broken pattern of zig zags which incorporates tonal shades as well as black stripes. This pattern is a remake from the design used by Kappa in the home shirt from 1992-93 (below).

The neck collar round is black on the front, while the rest of it is all yellow. It’s a perfect match to the simple raglan sleeves.


Take a look at Kappa’s Chiefs 2023-2024 football away shirt here.

The Kappa Chiefs 2023-24 away jersey is a brand new colorway for away games at the club. It features a darker green background with yellow accents. Its style is similar to South Africa’s rugby team, called the Springboks (below).

The front of the jersey is striped with a variety of stripes. They appear to have an animal design, but it isn’t discernible in the image. A slick fold-down collar that has a square opening is employed, which is similar to the collar found on the jersey of Fiorentina’s 23-24 team. The team logos are in yellow and the crest is in full-color.

Made by Kappa. Are you a fan of Kaizer Chiefs’ home and away T-shirts? Let us know below.

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