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Puma to End Uruguay Kit Deal

Puma to End Uruguay Kit Deal

Puma will cease to be the primary kit manufacturer for Uruguay’s national football team. Uruguay National Football Team after the expiration of their contract in 2023, which expires on December 31 According to an Insider Tirando Paredes ( @TIRANDO1010).

Puma has been the primary kit manufacturer of Uruguay since 2007. Uruguay was also supplied with kits from Uhlsport, Lotto, Adidas and a myriad of other small brand names in the past.

Tenfield is Puma’s right-hander in Uruguay does not have the ability to compete with the offers of a different supplier in order to keep their Uruguay kit agreement.

In 2016 Tenfield agreed to Nike’s proposal to be Uruguay’s official kit manufacturer, however this time they’ll refuse.

The source has not revealed the brand that will take over Puma as the brand’s sponsor. But, Adidas may be a possibility since they sponsor Uruguay’s coach Marcelo Bielsa.

Uruguay to Sop Wearing Puma Kits – Key Facts

  • Puma will end its relationship together with Uruguay National Football Team after 2023.
  • Tenfield (Puma’s right-hand holder for Uruguay) won’t be able to match offers from other prospective sponsors
  • Adidas might be looking to sponsor Uruguay
  • Puma has been the kit manufacturer of choice for Uruguay since 2007.

What brand would you prefer to use for Uruguay’s kit? 

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