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Saint-Etienne 23-24 Third Kit Released

Saint-Etienne 23-24 Third Kit Released

AS Saint-Etienne and Hummel have revealed their third kits for the season 23-24.


This is Saint-Etienne’s 23-24 football shirt from the third division, designed by Hummel.

The Hummel Saint-Etienne 23-24 Third shirt has a front view of the stadium, in the “digital” green color, to symbolize the energy when playing AS Saint-Etienne matches.

The ASSE logo that appears on the Hummel Saint-Etienne 2023-24 3rd jersey depicts laurel and oak branches that are part of the coat of arms of the city.

Hummel blends the Saint-Etienne 2023-2024 football third shirt with socks and black shorts.

Starting on July 12 The Hummel Association sportive de Saint-Etienne 23-24 third-shirt retails for EUR79.95.

Made by Hummel. What do you think about the third kit of ASSE? Leave a comment in the comments below.

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