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New After 7 Years: Portimonense Will Have New Kits For The 2023-24 Season

New After 7 Years: Portimonense Will Have New Kits For The 2023-24 Season

New version: Footy Headlines can confirm that Portimonense will be sporting new kit to be used in the season 2023-24. which is the first time since.

It is unclear if there’s just one of the new kits that is either the away, home or third kits, and only carrying the home’s old design, or if they’ve changed all three kits. They will however soon be available, and we’ll find out soon.

Original title: Portuguese team Portimonense are wearing the same shirt since this could prove to be the longest of such a time in football club.

PORTIMONENSE wear the same house kit For 7 Years

There is now the constant flow of football jerseys being released and each one has an average life span of just one year, or shorter. It’s not enough time for the jerseys to leave lasting impressions on football fans. However, it’s surely a fantastic method for greedy clubs brand owners and investors to make an enormous amount of money.

The days when teams wore the same uniform for two consecutive years are over although some teams (like Brentford) are bringing this trend back. The national team from North Macedonia are the most prominent exceptions sporting the same kit for the past seven years before changing it in recent years. If it’s not broken do not repair it.

We weren’t aware of instances of this incredible endurance within the world of football kits before we learned about the Portimonense club. In the match against North Macedonia, the Portuguese club has worn the same uniform since 2007 beginning with the 16-17 season.

It’s a bit odd that they’ve updated their kit for away games a couple of times during that time however the most significant changes to their home kit was a single sponsorship update. The shirt is designed by Mizuno The shirt is said to bring back to the Fiorentina 01-02 home shirt, which was made that was made by the Japanese company, since it features the same cross-line design across the sleeves. It’s a throwback with a variety of ways to wear it.

A possible explanation of the inability to alter the shirt is a belief system. The first time they played (16-17) wearing the jersey they were promoted to Liga Portugal, Portugal’s top division. They’ve kept their high-flying status since then and may even believe it’s luck.

It might surprise you to discover a handful of the well-known names and faces that were a part of the jersey that has stood for a long time for Portimonense. A former Porto as well as Atletico Madrid striker Jackson Martinez, along with his fellow countryman and former Man City youth player Marlos Moreno also played there along with Stoke City flop Gianni Imbula.

Portuguese striker Beto was a fan of the black and white design to the point that he enrolled in Udinese in order to keep wearing the same. Keisuke Honda was able to have his picture captured in the shirt however, technical issues prevented the team from having the ability to sign his name, and he therefore did not get to wear the shirt. Rui Costa Paulinho as well as Pepe also played in the jersey but not in the way that you’re picturing.

It will be fascinating to know when the jersey is finally put to pasture. It is certain to be kept in the memory of Portimonense supporters and fans of the Liga Portuguese in general, solely because of the immense publicity it received over the past seven years.

Are you shocked to discover that the top clubs has kept their jerseys for this many years? Do you want to see more clubs do this? Leave a comment below.

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