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Stunning Moreirense 23-24 Home & Training Kits Released

Stunning Moreirense 23-24 Home & Training Kits Released Stunning Moreirense 23-24 Home & Training Kits Released

The new 2023-2024 Moreirense Home and Training kit was released just days in the past. They were designed from CDT which will also be used during the next campaign’s Primeira Liga campaign.

Moreirense are well-known for their design of kits. They even got named one of the top teams in FIFA 19 by FourFourTwo magazine.


This shirt is called this shirt. Moreirense 2023-24 Home shirts, created by CDT.

The CDT Moreirense 2023-24 Home jersey is an amazing modern take on the classic checkered pattern in white and green of the new champions from the Segunda Liga.

The shirt is adorned with geometric designs and forms that are interspersed with the white background. The most notable feature is wearing the latest Segunda Liga Champions patch, which Rio Ave, the previous champion, and the current Primeira Liga outfit choose not to put on their shirts.

Comparatively to the kit of last season The main difference between the two kits is the choice of the black color instead of gold to create the details.

The shorts from the Moreirense 2023-24 uniform for the Home are in black.


They are the Moreirense 2023-2024 Training jerseys produced by CDT.

Since CDT always has stunning designs, we decided to release the 2023-24 Training CDT Moreirense 23-24 T-shirts for training that include Goalkeeper, Player, as well as Coach versions.

The design is based on the same scratch and base stripe design The difference lies in the colour: black for athletes, blue to staff and green for staff.

What do you think of the Moreirense 2023-2024 Training and Home shirt? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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