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Stylish- Lech Poznan 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Stylish- Lech Poznan 23-24 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Just a few days after the away and home kits the new Lech Poznan 2023-2024 third kit went on sale. Its Lech Poznan 23-24 kits are designed from Macron which will also be used during the the next season’s Ekstraklasa campaign.

The brand new Lech Poznan 23-24 kits have been developed by regional design expert Michal Leosz. The kits have a retro look that features tricolor cuffs and collars as well as a diagonal line style that gives a lively look.

The logo, which is dubbed “Locomotive” refers to the locomotive’s front which is in front of Poznan Stadium. This is the emblem of Kolejorz. The design of the club’s emblem is reminiscent of the shape of a locomotive through a bird’s-eye view The wings of Mercury are a reference to the railway tradition of the Club.


The new Macron Lech Poznan home shirt for the 23rd-24th of March.

With diagonal white lines as well as dark blue chevrons, this Macron Lech Poznan home t-shirt is an all-blue base and white logos.

An exclusive collar and Cuff designs that features royal blue, light white, and navy makes the design more attractive.

The white shorts and socks finish off the style of the latest Lech Poznan 2023-24 home kit designed by Macron.


It’s the brand latest Macron Lech Poznan away jersey for 2023-2024. The Macron Lech Poznan 2023-2024 away shirt It has the same style as the standard kit. However, it swaps it’s blue base with one in white that has blue logos.


The latest Poznan 2023-2024 3rd Jersey.

In keeping with the design of the away and home jerseys, the latest Lech Poznan 23-24 3rd jersey has black and stripes in various colors of blue.

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Macron Lech Poznan 2023-2024 away and home jerseys are priced at 349,90zl.

Are you a fan of Macron’s designs to Lech Poznan? Let us know below.

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