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Unique Coventry 23-24 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Unique Coventry 23-24 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Released

The latest Coventry jerseys for goalkeeper and home are released today to celebrate their 140th birthday. The jerseys are designed by Hummel and will be used during the 2023-24 championship.


See Hummel’s Coventry City F.C. 2023-2024’s home football shirts below.
The Hummel Coventry City F.C. 2023-2024 football shirts It’s the return of stripes that are worn by this year’s Sky Blues. The front of the shirt features motifs from the club’s iconic crest which includes the elephant, Phoenix bird as well as the Eagle which creates a unique design.

The elephant represents the city of Coventry as well as the Phoenix bird symbolizes the city’s rise from dust after World War II. The Eagle represents Coventry’s past.

It’s a significant year for the club as well, and this Hummel Coventry City 23-24 home shirt is an appropriate occasion to mark the anniversary.


Take a look at Hummel’s Coventry 2023-24 goalkeeper football home shirt here.

The Coventry 2023-24 home kit for goalkeepers features a beautiful design in white and black and multi-colored wavy lines.

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The HTML0 version of the Coventry 2023-24 goalkeeper and home kits are available for purchase now at a cost of 50 GBP. The kits will be sold in Club stores starting on August 12th.

Are you a fan of these Coventry Home and Goalkeeper Jerseys designed by Hummel? Leave a comment below.

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