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Everton 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Everton 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Everton Football Club’s new 2023- 2024 third jersey was blurted moment.

EVERTON 23- 24 THIRD kit

The Hummel Everton 23- 24 third jersey celebrates Hummel’s 100th anniversary by having the brand’s notorious Denmark 1986 design.

The Hummel Everton FC 2023- 24 third shirt features different tones of slate, combined with blue ensigns.

Hummel’s decorations are on the shoulders of the Everton 23- 24 third kit it’s the same template as for numerous other Hummel 2023- 2024 Kit .

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The Hummel Everton Football Club 2023- 2024 third shirt is available to buy veritably soon.

Everton 23- 24 Kit

Everton 23- 24 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Made by Hummel. Another 1986- inspired design. Do you like Everton’s third jersey? Drop us a line below, and see the 23- 24 kit Overview for further 2023- 2024 football kit word.

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