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Horrific? Darmstadt 23-24 1. Bundesliga Away Kit Released

Horrific? Darmstadt 23-24 1. Bundesliga Away Kit Released

Darmstadt’s 2023-24 new away shirt is out today. The design is by Craft and is to be worn by on the 1. Bundesliga.


The Craft Darmstadt 2023-2024 away shirt is a classic club jersey with blue and white colors. This Craft Darmstadt 98 23-24 away football jersey is distinguished by the lines pattern that extends across the entire center on the. This same design of line appears on the 23-24 third shirt.

The thing that makes the design unattractive can be seen in the emblem of Haix, the brand new patron, Haix (security shoe company) that is tucked into the vertical stripes.

The sponsorship deal was signed extremely late. It was the 23-24 kit that was created and manufactured without the space to display the logo of the sponsor.

Sleeves of the Craft Darmstadt 2023-24 away shirts are also adorned with a the line design. The V-collar too is blue, and so does the fleur de lis. The Darmstadt club emblem shines brightly in the chest, thanks to the shiny patch of embroidery.

Darmstadt 23-24 Bundesliga Third Kit

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The Craft Darmstadt 2023-2024 away football shirt is now available from September 2, and is priced at just 75 Euro.

Made by Craft. What do you think of SV Darmstadt 98’s away kit? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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