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Enzo Fernandez Implicitly Confirms His Contract With Nike is Over

In the game in the match between Argentina as well as Ecuador, Enzo Fernandez was seen sporting his black Nike Phantom GX sneakers which implied that his agreement with Nike was about to come to an end and Enzo Fernandez was in search of an alternative brand to represent his interests.


Many people are expecting Enzo Fernandez to be the spokesperson for his Phantom GX shoe line and that Nike will design his signature footwear It appears that Nike will not renew its deal with Enzo but will allow Enzo to look for another sports brand.

Enzo Fernandez was even wearing Puma Ultra Ultimate boots for his last training session with Chelsea which led to speculation that he’d be joining Puma soon following the time his agreement at Nike expires.

There are a lot of players who have quit Nike and are currently preparing to quit Nike. Should Nike be concerned or is this a new strategy?

Do you believe Enzo Fernandez is going to join Puma and will represent his Ultra Ultimate boots line? Do you believe Nike ought to be concerned about losing players to other brands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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