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Blue/White/Tangerine Nike Chelsea 24-25 Home Kit Prediction

Blue/White/Tangerine Nike Chelsea 24-25 Home Kit Prediction

Chelsea FC’s 2024-25 home kit will be the first time in Chelsea FC’s time to feature the color orange. Based on leaked information the way we envision it will appear.

Riyadh Air are most likely to become Chelsea’s principal sponsor in the 2024-2025 football season So our forecast features the logo of the brand new Saudi airline.


Here prediction is the prediction we have made for our Nike Chelsea home kit prediction.

It will be the first time ever in club’s history that the color orange has been utilized in a kit for home use.

The color orange is profoundly linked with The club’s past History Indeed, having the color orange for the home kit is tied to the past that the team has had. Chelsea has had a variety of distinctive home kits that featured red in addition to many away kits with orange. This is the first time Chelsea introduces orange in the home kit.

We highly expect all designs on Nike Chelsea 2024-2025 to be white. Nike Chelsea 2024-2025 kit to be in white and orange for application and design elements.

The Nike Chelsea Football Club 2024-25 home jersey will be on sale from the month of July 2023, which is likely. We’re hopeful of getting further details about the design and style of the jersey soon.

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Design your very own Nike Chelsea 24-25 home kit style using FIFA Kit Creator. This is similar to what we’ve done with our render

Are you happy with the information we have about Chelsea FC’s newest 24-26 home kit? Leave a comment below.

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