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Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit Info Leaked

Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit Info Leaked

Chelsea’s new 24-year-old away shirt might be an intriguing one. A big thank you to the leaker legend Gol de Sergio Thank you for sharing the information.


Take a look at the color scheme on Nike’s Chelsea FC 2024-2025 away jersey in the gallery below.

The Nike Chelsea 2024-25 away jersey will bring back famous orange colour that fans love to wear. Its Chelsea 24-25 away jersey is predominantly lighter beige (“Guava Ice”), mixed with Tangerine orange (“Team Orange”) as well as blue (“Rush Blue”).

The official colors for the Nike Chelsea away kit for 24-25 include “Guava Ice / Team Orange and Rush Blue”. The colors “Rush Blue” as well as “Team Orange” can also be used in on the Home kit.

Tangerine can be utilized as an all-over design, or as a pattern for specific applications. When used in an all-over pattern Chelsea 24-25 away kits might appear orange when viewed from afar.

Nike FC football shirt featuring Guava Ice for the principal color.

Actually, Nike have released a similar color Nike FC football shirt – the Nike Chelsea FC 24-25 away shirt has the exact colors. However, it is likely to have an entirely different style.

The Nike Chelsea 24-25 away football shirt will launch during July and August 2024.

Would you be interested in what we have learned about the brand new Chelsea FC 2024-25 away strip So far? Let us know below.

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