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JEF United Special Braille Kit Released

JEF United Special Braille Kit Released

The latest JEF United special Braille kit has been released just a few days back. The kit is designed by Hummel and is to be worn for the 23rd J2 League matchweek 36.


See Hummel’s JEF United 23 special Braille shirt here.

In the spirit of “Change the world by playing sport”, Hummel supports initiatives related to gender equality, human rights and peace. In the last time, Hummel worked with six clubs that included JEF United Ichihara and Chiba to promote peace. We created this year an aid shirt for those who are blind.

The shirt also features the image of a yellow rapefield that is set to blossom thanks to the collaboration of all. A project that makes the hearts of children who are visually impaired grow.

The Hummel JEF United 23 special Braille shirt has the Braille pattern, the name of the club “JEF United Ichihara Chiba” on the chest, the city name “Ichihara Chiba” on the right side of the sleeve. It also has the club’s motto “WIN BY ALL” on the sleeves, as well as embossed logos and letters on the back and left of the shirt.

The Hummel logo that is displayed on the right chest is also an original design with”Hummel,” the name of “Hummel” is written in Braille. The club’s name is printed in Braille across the hem of the shirt, so it is easy to read the words by pressing the letters with your fingers.

For the game against Vegalta Sendai, round 36 of the J2 League 2023, which is scheduled for September 23rd The club will be selling their Hummel JEF United 23 special Braille jersey to the players to wear for games and warm-ups. A portion of the profits from sales of the jerseys can be put towards projects for the visually impaired.

Produced by Hummel. What do you think of JEF United’s unique Braille shirt?

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