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Fixed Authentic Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Shirt Already Available to Buy

Fixed Authentic Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Shirt Already Available to Buy

Version 1.0 Update Corrected version of Arsenal 23-24 shirt for home issue is available for purchase from JD Sports (pictured here by Alex Harris and shared by the hashtag #arsenalshirt). We’ve highlighted the game results, and the 38 matches are displayed at the moment. The shirt isn’t yet sold through Arsenal Direct or Adidas but will be available soon also. It’s remarkable to note the speed with which Adidas was to rectify the mistake.

New version: The fans who wish to purchase the genuine replica of the Arsenal 2023-2024 kit for their home must wait for a while. According to the site of US retailer World Soccer Shop, the original and guaranteed Arsenal home kit by Adidas in the 2023-2010 football season is available from in the mid-October period of 2023.

It’s yet to be determined what happens if Adidas as well as the team can manage to market the current Arsenal 23-24 house kit sooner than expected, however Footy Headlines don’t expect the fixed Arsenal 23-24 home kit to be for sale until October.

The month of August is 2023. Arsenal Are Still wearing the same 23-24 kit for home

The team that started the season is not wearing the correct kit. They have only worn 32 of their 38 matches. Thanks to the @ArsenalShirt for pointing this out.

Arsenal Still wears the kit sporting the wrong number of games on the Side Stripe

The update: Adidas and Arsenal have contacted customers who bought the faulty 23-24 home kit to acknowledge an issue with the design shirt. This email was shared via Sun Sport.

Updating: Adidas are shut down the sales of their Arsenal 23-24 kit the genuine version due to the absence of six games from the Invincible Season in the back panel. Both Adidas as well as Arsenal have taken the original jersey from the market and the shirt is not available to purchase via retail partners. There has been an official statement made public at this time.

Only 32 of the 28 Invincible Season Games: Arsenal 23-24 authentic Home Kit taken off Adidas Website and “Sold Out” on the Arsenal Website

If you try to access the Arsenal 23-24 home kit via Adidas official site using an encrypted link however, it will redirect you into the Adidas Jersey subpage rather than actually the kit. The kit that is appears on the Arsenal website appears to be “Sold Out” in all sizes.

19. June, 2023. Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Featured 32 out of 38 Games from Invincible Season

A critical and unavoidable defect has been spotted in the Adidas Arsenal 23-24 kit for home use by Arsenal supporters @arstaoly who was then confirmed by the @ArsenalShirt as well as other supporters.


The information was made public as awed fans noticed the fabric on the shirt showed only 32 points of W/D (wins/draws) which was a fraction of the total number of 38 games played during the legendary Invincible season. The absence of matches has caused some to question whether the error was made caused by Adidas as well as the kit maker or a deliberate choice from Arsenal.

There is nothing wrong in the size of the shirt as there are dots which divide the pattern.

The difference is apparent in the absence of last four fixtures of the season, which include draw with Portsmouth as well as Birmingham. Additionally, two victories from the club’s winning streak of nine games (games 21-29) were also not recorded. The missing numbers are depicted by missing six characters that were supposed to be displayed on the video.

Arsenal fans have voiced the frustration and displeasure of Arsenal fans by sharing their experience of improperly taped on their shirt. A user complained that the kit has “WWWWDD” rather than the correct “WWWWWWDD,” indicating that it is, in fact, incorrect. This is particularly important because the kit is listed on the official site to represent the unbeaten Invincible 2003-2004 season that included 26 wins as well as 12 draws.

There is no guarantee that ADIDAS will fix the KITIt. It is still to be seen if Arsenal or Adidas are able to address the problem and offer an explanation or a solution for fans who want accurate depictions.

What do you think the possible causes might be behind this error?

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