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Milan 125-Year Anniversary Kit – 3rd Round Started

Milan 125-Year Anniversary Kit - 3rd Round Started

New version: The third round of the Milan 2024 commemoration kit gives supporters the chance to cast their select the most minor design. The logo will be on the outside of the collar. The club’s logo is split between the classic Il Diavolo brand (“We’re going to become a team of evil spirits) as well as a more modern Il Diavolo.

Milan has not yet announced which design and what stripe width was a winner in earlier contests. The thinner stripes are likely to prevail, whereas the crest can be difficult to determine In our opinion. The logo that was the first to be created has an excellent chance of winning however, The St George’s Cross is a extremely tough competitor.

The update: The second round of voting on the Milan 125th anniversary kits is underway. After having the option of choosing the length of the stripes the fans are now able to vote for the crest they like best. The team is offering the fans two choices – one with the St. George’s Cross and another with the club’s the first ever logo.

We aren’t able to confirm which of the two voting results will cover. The most likely scenario is that the fans will be able to vote on the style, as well as Puma’s logo. Puma logo. A different option is an incredibly small element, such as one of the badges in the lower left corner or the collar’s slogan.

On the 16th December 2024 AC Milan will celebrate more than 125 years of its the club’s history. This morning, AC Milan announced they’ll unveil a special anniversary shirt in collaboration with Puma.
AC Milan fans can help create the kit celebrating their club with Puma which will be worn by the men’s and Ladies’ First Teams in the season 2024-25. It will be available to fans for buy.


The fundamental elements of layout of Puma Milan 24-25 125-year anniversary jersey is decided by the fans through Four online polls .

The first choice is for the famous Rossoneri stripes The second vote is about the iconic Rossoneri stripes, with Milan providing two alternatives – one featuring larger stripes and one that has smaller stripes.

Fans will likely be able to vote on the COLLAR, THE CREST and a different element that make up the Puma Milan 2024-2025 anniversary jersey that will be chosen by the fans are likely to comprise the collar, the crest as well as another component of the of the.

The Puma Milan 24-25 125th anniversary football shirt is scheduled to debut in November and December 2024 probably, and possibly just prior to the 125th anniversary celebration on the 16th of December, 2024.

Milan 100th Anniversary Kit

Puma Milan 125-Years Anniversary Kit

AC Milan are celebrating its year-long anniversary on the 16th of December 2024. They will also present the anniversary-themed kit

The fans can in the design of a special kit which will be used by both the AC Milan Men’s and Women’s First Teams.

Fans can vote on four key elements The kit was tested through of the kit through.
The kit is being developed in conjunction with Puma as well as sold to fans for purchase.

Created by Puma. Are you looking forward to Milan’s 125th anniversary shirt? Let us know below.

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